Sprue Cutters Union #3: Playing Favorites

The Union keeps on rolling along, hard to believe we're into our third week already. Its enjoying some relative success, adding one new member this past week. Hopefully the upward trend continues! As for this week, the topic is fairly simple, and was suggested by several people, namely Frank from Eternal Wargamer and my father. It also makes perfect sense as a follow up to the first week's assignment.

- What is your favorite model kit ever assembled? -

Easy enough right? I guess we'll see. With the wide range of subjects available on the market, this may be a difficult entry from some of you. But I'm pretty sure it will garner a lot of different responses. I also will not limit this to "model kit", as it should be open for those who prefer dioramas and other items that don't necessarily fall into the single kit category.
Have fun!

Remember, all it takes is a passion for this hobby and a blog to go along with it! All you have to do is write a post in response to this topic by Sunday and you can be a member of the Sprue Cutters Union. Take a look at the Sprue Cutters Union page for more detail. Once you've written your post, either email me the link or drop the link in the comment section below.
The goal is to send new readers to our sites, so don't forget to include the links to other modelers' responses when you get an opportunity.
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  1. Well, let's see as of right now I am in love with Meng's GAZ Tiger....Great kit, looking forward to the Toyota gun truck....

    1. Nice! I've been really thinking of picking up that Toyota myself. Would look awesome as the focal point of a diorama!

  2. Hi Jon, my latest contribution to the Union http://thedogschuffers.blogspot.co.uk/2013/08/sprue-cutters-union-week-3-favorite.html

  3. Hi Jon, here's my link for this week : http://jvtroyen.blogspot.be/2013/08/sprue-cutters-union-3-playing-favorites.html

  4. Same for my blog, number three has just been put up: http://kermitsbench.wordpress.com/2013/08/08/sprue-cutters-union-3-playing-favorites/

  5. http://doogsmodels.com/2013/08/09/sprue-cutters-union-3-favorites/

  6. Here is my contribution guys. Now to read all yours!


  7. Sweet...



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