Rust in Peace - Finished!

Wooooo! Its finally finished. Any time I complete a project as involved as this, there is a huge sense of accomplishment, followed by a deep sigh of relief, in turn followed by excitement to start the next model.
The final step last night was to add pumpkins made by MRC to the scene. I'm happy with this farmyard environment and that it isn't just another junkyard scene as I intended to do initially.
The pumpkins are okay, but have a noticeable seam running right through the middle of each one. I'm not sure what they're made out of but they certainly don't sand very well. Some clever oil painting hid the seams as best as I could. Here they are unpainted...

And painted...

And here is the completed scene...

The dog isn't fixed in place so I can move him, or remove him altogether if I so please. I'm very happy with this and I hope you all enjoyed following along as much as I enjoyed creating it!
Now then, it may be time for a day off, rest up and get ready for the next project which I guarantee will be something different!
Until next time...

Episode I, Episode II


  1. Well, I would have given a stain, or at least a natural oil finish to the wood base, but I doubt I'd have noticed the seams on the pumpkins, if you hadn't mentioned them! I saw the "Episode VI", ( I think...) of this build, when you were working on the paint...I've got this one on my own workbench, it's my second of this oldie-but-goodie. I'm VERY impressed with your version, and I think you tied everything together VERY WELL!...It looks very realistic, without being too excessive.
    Since I surfed here by "accident", just thought I would give you a sincere, "Job well done!, Looks GREAT!"...

    1. Well many thanks for the kind words! I really should have stained the base but didn't have any one hand. I have some now so maybe I'll go ahead and do that. Its a fine kit to work with. Good luck with yours, and thanks for accidentally stopping by!


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