Get Organized!

If you're lucky enough to have your own corner of heaven that most of us refer to as a "man cave", than I congratulate you, for you have succeeded in attaining the one thing my hobby life is lacking. Bravo! But if you're anything like me, confined to a temporary workstation that, for some reason, people like to eat their meals on (ie, the kitchen table), than you realize the necessity of organization and tidiness! 
Unlike our cavemen brothers, at the end of each modeling session we have to clean our work areas, put away our tools, stash our models, and leave the place nicer than we found it. Kinda like art class in Kindergarten. Well, this isn't always the most convenient thing to do, and having to set up my area and tear it down every night can put a serious dent in my motivation. Never the less, I have some interesting tools that I use to make it a bit easier.

This is how I get organized!

First, you need a place to store your tools. 
With a set of plastic drawers like the one you see here, I can organize my tools into categories for easy storage or retrieval. Once the job is done, the set of drawers tucks away nicely in a cabinet.

Another great resource for storing tools or material is this little plastic caddy. It has three compartments for storing various items. I keep all the tools necessary during the assembly process in this thing - adhesives, putties, wire and styrene for detailing, etc. Once assembly is complete, I rarely have to bring this caddy out again.

This little box is great for storing paints. I have two for this purpose, as one holds my Vallejo Acrylic paints for when I am painting details with a brush, and the other contains my Tamiya Acrylics for when I airbrush.

Speaking of paints, have a brush holder like this not only keeps my brushes organized and undamaged, but it allows me to pull them out of the cabinet with out having to search for the ones I need. To be honest, this is probably a great thing to have, man cave or not.

Self-healing mat. Mmm, sounds magical, doesn't it? However, having this saves me some grief that I would otherwise get if I were to put a nick in the dining room table with that sharp #11 Xacto blade...Sometimes, you gotta keep the wife in mind...I keep a tiny one on hand for when I'm cutting.

I love lamp, and for good reason too. Sometimes the dining room light just doesn't provide enough illumination. Having a portable little lamp that can sit easily on the table is perfect for when you really need to shed some light on the situation.

So now you've got the skinny on the basics of organizing a mobile modeling workbench.


  1. Liked this a lot. I have a work table that is always full and I'm always in need of more storage. I've got about 20 small storage boxes and three lamps. I will soon be needing a bigger table.

    1. Thanks! This has really made working in a small area much more tolerable. Clean up only takes minutes and everything gets tucked away without a problem!