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M117 750 lb GP Bomb

The M117 is a general purpose bomb with a weight class of 750 pounds although, depending on its fuse and fin assembly, it can weigh around 820 pounds. It was born out of the Korean War and saw extensive use in Vietnam, and was dropped by B-52's during Operation Desert Storm in the early 1990's.
It is fairly common, and a modeler will likely see them in kits of tactical fighter aircraft that served in the Vietnam War era. It has several different configurations, all of which are briefly highlighted below along with references for a few of the aircraft they were typically released from.

Fin Assembly The M117 had several fin assemblies, giving the bomb a low drag or high drag capability.

References The M117 was found, it seems, most frequently on F-100's and F-105's though it could be carried by other aircraft in the US inventory as well.