Sprue Cutters Union 2018: Where Have You Improved?

It's back!

Consider this the third triumphant return of the once vaunted blog carousel known across the modeling universe as the Sprue Cutters Union. While you may be skeptical about its potential after being gone for so long, history has shown that threequels can be successful. Just look at Return of the Jedi, The Dark Knight Rises, or Michael Jordan. I assure you that the SCU will rise to its former glory and if you're new here I promise you will not be disappointed.

What is the Sprue Cutters Union?

Simply put, it is a way for a community of bloggers to generate traffic both for their own website and to their internet counterparts. Once a month, at least, scale modelers across the world write about a shared topic that I generate here and we promote each other's responses in order to introduce new readership to our blogs and pages. 

How does it work?

At the beginning of each month, I will announce a topic here on The Combat Workshop. Any scale modeler who operates a social media account, be it a blog, Facebook page, group, YouTube channel, etc, may feel free to respond to the topic via their preferred outlet. The writer must be sure to respond to the topic by the end of the month. Once the article has been published, the writer must post a comment on the topic page for that month which includes a link to the article on their site.

If a response comes via a Facebook page, the writer should be sure to include the hashtag #SprueCuttersUnion and I recommend tagging The Combat Workshop in it as well. This way I do not miss anything. Hopefully.

As the responses come in, I will share them via The Combat Workshop Facebook page and then at the end of the month all contributions will be gathered into a final post and published here.

Are there rules?

Not really. However, the purpose of this is to a) discuss a common topic that we are all interested in, and b) drive traffic to our respective sites. So how do we do that? Each participating blog should include links to their fellow bloggers' responses who have contributed to the topic for that month. While this is not a rule, it is highly encouraged. The modeling community thrives on participation so the more we share each other's content, the better.

Why are we doing this again?

I've run a blog for five years now and believe me, generating good content can be difficult at times, especially for those who aren't blessed at writing. This is a great way to foster new ideas and promote discussion about various topics in the modeling community.
Even if you're the next Shakespeare, it doesn't mean any one is reading your material. Contributing to the community will ensure that your work will gain new exposure outside of the readership you have already developed. Traffic to your site may increase as more links back to your blog are created.

No matter what your motives, its another creative outlet for you as a modeler to participate in. Most modelers that I've encountered are outspoken about the hobby so the SCU is the perfect venue to pull up your soap box and spout your plastic espoused values across the interwebs.

Join the Party!

We don't have cookies or a cool pin for your lapel. I can only promise fun and good writing. There is no fee, all you need is an online presence. You should follow this blog or the Facebook page to ensure you do not miss the monthly topic or the contributions of your fellow modelers. Here is a list of sites who have already taken the pledge of loyalty to the Sprue Cutters Union.

The Topic!

Now that that bit of administration is out of the way, let's get down to business. I realize we are at the end of the month and Christmas is upon us so we are pressed for time. No worries. This topic will be the first of 2018 and will not be due until the end of January.


Remember, there is no write or wrong...answer the topic in the best manner you see fit. Be sure to leave a link to your response in the comment section below. I look forward to hearing from all of you again!


  1. Hey Jon great to see the return of the SPU, i look forward to seeing how it goes and i will certainly make sure i get my views up there...

  2. Here is my thoughts on where i have improved in the past 12 months...

  3. It’s great to have SCU back!

  4. Ooh, wonderful timing! Something to get the hobby going again.


  5. Hello SCU, you have been missed! Here's my take on https://www.facebook.com/scalebrain.workshop/posts/649161255419240

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