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Take More Risks

Saturday morning I woke up early, hopped in my car and speedily dashed over to my father's house where we in turn jumped into his car and drove our happy butts two hours through the pouring rain to Wayne, New Jersey, best known for William Paterson University and the greatest thing to happen to the Navy since Josephus Daniels, Tom Cruise. However, it was a lesser known event that was the purpose for our visit to Wayne today,  called MosquitoCon 25.
MosquitoCon is an IPMS sanctioned convention that takes place on the first weekend in April. The attendance is usually substantial, ensuring both the show room floor and the vendor tables are full of models. One could easily spend a few hours trying to absorb the craftsmanship of several hundred contest entries. Even if you breeze through the display tables, the vendor room has enough merchandise to wade through to keep you busy. It is a feast for a modeler's senses.

This year's turn out was no different from previous years but …