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September SCU Roll Call

Ten total participants drafted some well thought out responses to September's Sprue Cutters Union topic. Read what they all had to say about what all modelers can't agree on...Scales!

The Eternal Wargamer
Scalebrain Workshop
Ninetalis Scale Models
Around the Sprue
The Commonplace Modeler
Jim's Models
Will Pattison
Doogs' Models
Motorsport Modeller
The Combat Workshop

A big thanks to all those who found time to participate this month! Be sure to watch this space for October's topic, or keep an eye on Facebook for updates!

My Scale Philosophy

A Response to September's Sprue Cutters Union Topic
I like to consider myself a well rounded modeler. I have never been one to limit myself to a single subject, and will try my hand at just about anything whether it be an aircraft, armor, or dioramas. This goes for scale as well. Though I do normally have to consider where I am going to be able to store the finished model, or even the kit box, I am not one of those modelers who works only in a specific scale. Reducing my options to only one scale would inevitably be constantly disappointing. How many times have you heard a fellow modeler lament that the latest Tamiya release won't be boxed in his scale?
I would rather keep my options open. Never the less, for the most part each scale has its benefits as well as its drawbacks. For what its worth, here are my opinions on various scales...

1/144 This scale is not particularly popular, either in the community as a whole or with my own preferences. However, I have built one kit in…

Building a More Realistic Jet

Image're doing it wrong. If you have been on the internet at all today you would have seen that Doogs' Models posted a lengthy article rejecting the long-standing and ever popular technique known as pre-shading. It has generated a lot of views and conversation which has been both positive and negative. While I have been known to utilize that technique, and still do to a lesser degree, Doogs' has a point. Regardless of how I feel about pre-shading, his article got me thinking about other aspects of finishing a model that do not jive with real life examples.

The point of modeling is to recreate an accurate representation of the real subject in a smaller scale. While some folks did not appreciate the subjective tone of Doogs' now viral post, he was simply pointing out that in no way is pre-shading an accurate portrayal of what we typically see on an aircraft.
What I do for a living allows me the unique perspective of comparing actual fighter aircraft on the flig…

August SCU Roll Call

The ball has been rolling on the new Sprue Cutters Union for two months now, carried by the momentum of continuous participation. The August topic was answered by no less than eleven different bloggers. Follow the links below to read their take on whether spending time on detail that won't be seen on the finished model is a worthwhile undertaking.

Doogs' Models Migrant's Wanderings The Scale Workshop The Museum Modeler The Eternal Wargamer Yet Another Plastic Modeller Shutter Ace Kermit's Bench Around the Sprue Jim's Models Motorsport Modeller
Commonplace Modeler
Ninetalis Scale Models
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