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FlightPose Adjustable Stand Review

The majority of aircraft models we see are finished with their landing gear down. Considering an aircraft does spend most of its lifetime planted firmly on the ground, this makes sense. Furthermore, it is not often that a kit is accommodating enough to allow for a wheels up configuration. It takes more time ensuring the landing gear doors fit correctly, and should they not, fill and sand the ensuing gaps and seams. Then, of course, there is the issue of creating a base and stand to support the flying model. For the intrepid modeler who does wish to display an aircraft in flight, the solution to the issue of support can be found in a FlightPose adjustable stand.

A few months ago, I purchased one for the Revell 1/72 F-22 I built for a friend. It was my first experience with FlightPose, and a good one, so when I decided to model my latest project - Hasegawa's 1/72 F-105B - with it's wheels up, I naturally opted for one of these stands for my own use.
Since I have found them so useful for my own work, I felt obliged to spread the word should other modelers feel compelled to build an in-flight aircraft. So, lets take a look at what FlightPose has to offer.

The Website...

You can order your own stands straight from the website, aptly named The home page gives visitors a product description and images displaying various model aircraft that are using the stands. The Catalog lists the products that are available which include only three different lengths of clear rod - 2.5 inches, 4 inches, and 6 inches - and their prices. At $9.99 for each, regardless of length, its a pretty good deal. The website also gives potential buyers the option to buy one of each length for $27.99. Checking out is a simple process, made easier by the fact that they accept PayPal, a benefit that I have already described as essential for online hobby shops.
Should you lose them, or if perhaps your set does not include them, the website also provides assembly instructions.

In the Box...

Stands of every available length come in the same size packaging. Each package is marked with the appropriate rod length at the top right hand corner. Clearly visible and secure in the plastic blisters are all the parts necessary to assemble your FlightPose stand. Each package contains three rods, three screws, a cover plate and the base plate. A set of folded instructions are also inside.
The back of the package shows the product supporting an aircraft, details the features of the stand, as well as its alternative uses such as for holding the model while applying decals or painting. Also of note is that it is not recommended for items over two keep it light!


Though the website says it takes a mere few seconds to assemble, the whole stand comes together in about a minute. Modelers are used to needing a multitude of tools to get the job done, but this process will only require a Philips head screwdriver. That's right, no glue necessary. The rods have rounded ends that fit in sockets on the base plate. A cover plate is screwed down over the top of the ball and socket keeping the rods secure but allowing them to move if some adjusting is needed. That is it.
Once its together, all you have to do is adjust the positioning of the rods to accommodate the aircraft you wish to display. The rubber tips on the end of the rods will help keep the model from slipping off once in place.

Final Thoughts...

FlightPose stands are a great solution for modelers who wish to display their models in flight. I have purchased two of them this year for a pair of 1/72 scale models. While it is a simple and cost effective way to accomplish a cool look, there are times when I think maybe the stand is a bit too large for smaller scales. Though we have the option to purchase rods in various lengths, I wonder if it would be beneficial to smaller scales to have rods that vary in width as well so as to not be so imposing compared to the model they are meant to hold. Never the less, the stands are more than capable of holding 1/48 and 1/32 scale options and will not look nearly so out of place.
Should you be looking to replicate the allure of flight with your next model, I recommend giving a FlightPose stand serious consideration.
Thanks for reading!

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