Monday, August 17, 2015

1/35 Master Box "Hand to Hand" Diorama Completed

Its been a while since I added a completed work to this blog. Here is my latest, untitled work. The figures are from Master Box's exquisite Eastern Front Hand to Hand Combat set. They are nicely molded and I found the poses to be acceptable for the idea I had in mind. While the set features four figures (two Soviet, two German) I only used three as the second German did not fit well into the story line I had planned.
The Panther turret and the T-34 hull are both from Dragon and were built many years ago. They were in fairly bad shape, victims of a move across town and from my own inexperience as a modeler back then. So, I reused them in this setting, giving them new paint jobs and weathering them quite a bit to fit into the ruined environment. Though the turret is sitting on top of the T-34, my intent was not to imply they were once attached. Instead, in the chaos of battle, the turret landed atop the T-34 hull after becoming explosively dislodged from it's rightful, albeit previous, owner.

Enough talk. Here are the pics...

Friday, August 7, 2015

Sprue Cutters Union Update

Hi all! I am writing this brief post to let all of you know that the Sprue Cutters Union will no longer be hosted on this blogspot. Instead, I have given the Union its own space to grow, considering how this blog doesn't move as quickly as it once did.
If you are interested in following the antics of a few eccentric modelers, I encourage you to follow the link to the new Sprue Cutters Union blog and join the site.