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SCU Topic: Your Stress Free Build

What is your source for pure relaxation? The hobby is full of ups and downs. One minute, you're on top of the world admiring a flawless natural metal finish on a 1/48 P-47, the next minute you're on your hands and knees scouring the valleys of the carpet for the 1/72 scale pitot tube that you just mishandled. It can be an environment of refreshment, or a pit of despair. Its during these low points that I like to turn to builds that I know will elevate me back to a state of nirvana. While it may not be my favorite subject to work on, it relieves the stress and gets me back on track. So, this month I want to know what subject relaxes you the most?
Hat tip to The Museum Modeler for this month's topic inspiration!
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SCU Response: Better With Aftermarket

Is the popularity of aftermarket items making life too easy? This past month, the Union addressed the issue of whether or not the growth of resin detail sets, photo etch, and other aftermarket additions has lead to a decline in the hard working, scratch building, problem solving modelers of the world. Take a read for yourself...

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SCU Topic: The Aftermarket, and the Death of Hard Work

Has the Aftermarket Taken All the Hard Work Out of Modeling? Today's modern kit builder wants for nothing. The market is saturated with just about every necessity and luxury one can imagine. In the old days, when Testor's tube glue was still an item on our shopping list, a modeler dealt with most problems in one way: scratch building. No detail in the cockpit?  No plumbing in the wheel wells? No interior in the turret? No other way to fix it than with some sheet styrene, super glue, and ingenuity. All with no references other than what could be found at the local library. These days, if one encountered the same obstacles, all they have to do is conjure up an internet browser which will take them to their favorite online retailer and purchase the exact bits and pieces they need to enhance their kit. No muss. No fuss. This goes for everything from resin ejection seats to pre-cut painting masks. I am sure we've all seen the rants on forums decrying AM users as just "ass…