Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Old Dogs Vow to Learn New Tricks

Resolutions for 2015...

There are always new tricks, tools, techniques, and things to get accustomed to while at the workbench. It can be difficult to step outside of your comfort zone though so that is why this month, the Sprue Cutters Union got together and wrote about what newfangled ideas, products, or procedures we would like to attempt this year. Check it out!

The Union was relatively inactive all of last year, due for the most part to time constraints thanks to my job, but it has come back in full strength this month with a record 15 responses! Sixteen if you include mine. Lets hope it continues!

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Sunday, January 4, 2015

What's Ahead? A New Approach

It's a new year and it is already looking up. I have a renewed vigor for blogging and the Sprue Cutters Union is once again on the upswing. Looking back a bit on last year, the stash grew at a healthy rate and now contains a diverse selection ranging from Kinetic, to Hasegawa, to Academy. However, production was not what it could have been. While I completed eight different projects, only three of them were  actual kits, built out of the box from start to finish. The rest were simple vignettes using old parts, or paint-ups for my dad's collection. Quick and easy was the name of the game in 2014 due to the fact that I was starting a new job which seriously cut down my time behind the bench.

So, what does the future look like for 2015? My schedule isn't going to change any time soon so production is likely going to remain at three to four kits this year. This is essentially the same problem every modeler has faced from the time cavemen discovered how to stretch sprue over their fire - the number of kits coming in always outnumbers the number of kits built per year. It is a well known fact, backed by science and defined on Wikipedia.
I, however, intend to tackle this problem with a new approach to my hobby and it may just blow your mind...

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Thursday, January 1, 2015

SCU Response: Old Dog, New Tricks

I am a pretty frugal modeler, not willing to spend a lot of money if there is a cheaper alternative that works just as well, or at least to a satisfactory degree. Being so, change and innovation comes slowly to my workshop. Until this past year, my stash was full of Revell kits which would be assembled with a decent amount of putty that one can expect from certain kits manufactured by that company. They were all painted with Tamiya acrylic and weathered with a mix of artist oils and pastels that I ground down to a workable powder.

To start 2014, I realized I needed to make a change and it began with the stash. I was pushed to frustration by the Mi-24 Hind kit and decided it was time I purchased kits that I actually wanted rather than settling for cheap models that I purchased simply because they were there and they were affordable. Half way through the year, I had sold the majority of my troubled kits and purchased models boxed by the likes of Hasegawa, Kinetic, and Academy. They were all subjects I had particular interest in which ensured that I would be emotionally invested in the project, rather than just building another model.
The next big change came in September when I had high hopes to abandon Tamiya acrylics as my main airbrush paint for Vallejo Model Air. After seeing a demo at ArmorCon in Connecticut, I was sold on the product and picked up about fifteen bottles of various colors several days later. While my initial experience with the paint was positive, it wouldn't be long before I faced some issues with clogging and other consistency problems. 
So, if 2014 is any indication, the new year should be full of change and hopefully new successes. I already have a decent list of to-buy/to-try items that should keep me busy through 2015...

And here we go.

SCU Topic: Old Dog, New Tricks

The market is saturated with products that modelers would not have dreamed of just decades ago. We can count on high quality kits of much desired subjects in a plethora of scales and there are countless options of paints, washes, and decals to finish them. Never the less, we get pretty comfortable in our ways, sticking to the tried and true techniques and familiar products we've handled for years. But its a new year, so.....

What New Products/Techniques Will You Purchase/Attempt This Year?

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