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Here is my latest project. The principal character in the vignette is an old T-69 turret, the manufacturer of which I have long since forgotten. I had built the whole kit a LONG time ago but had recently found its presence unworthy and therefore I stripped everything useful off of it, including the turret.
Having seen a picture of an Angolan T-55 nearly submerged on a beach I thought it would make a great first project in terms of getting back into the hobby after two months, as well as finding a use for an old build. So I used the photo as inspiration to reignite the flames of creativity after being dormant for two months in Korea.
Any how, it's rather simple. Take a look at the pics and vice sure to comment!

Surviving Vacation

Every now and then we modelers are forced to take a break for a week or two, sometimes more if we're that unfortunate, to indulge in such luxuries as sunshine and fresh air. Yes, we climb out of our holes, shower, spray ourselves with whatever cologne smells most similar to Testor's Dull Coat, pack our bags and head for parts unknown.
It can be quite daunting, the thought of not touching a kit for days on end. Traumatic, even, for the weaker minded. But as I said, it's a burden we all must bear.
For the past two months I had been absent from the workshop. Did you notice? Unlikely. Any way, I had to spend two months in South Korea on a short deployment with my Guard unit. I could not have been further from my workbench lest you launched me into space.
While such a separation would have killed a lesser man, I found ways to fight against the urge to throw myself into a jet intake. Short of actually packing up your latest Trumpeter kit and tools, these tips will help you thr…