Thursday, May 1, 2014

Sprue Cutters Union is Back!

After a long break I am pleased to say that the Sprue Cutters Union will be returning in May. Before you start dusting off the lap tops you should know that the format for the new SCU has changed.
I will no longer be presenting topics on a weekly basis. I simply don't have the time for that any more. Instead, each topic will be given at the beginning of the month and each participant will have nearly a month to respond.
Ideally, each new topic will be laid out on the first weekend of the month and all responses should be submitted by the last Friday of the same month. Hopefully, having several weeks to reply will bolster participation.

Any way, the same rules apply. Be sure to copy the links of other participant's responses in your own posts. This way we generate readership to all!
I hope you're all ready to jump back into this. I will do my best to maintain the SCU as long as my schedule allows. Look for the first topic to appear this weekend! I'm certainly looking forward to reading what you all have to say!

Carry on.


  1. Welcome back John. Monthly would suit me more too. :-)

  2. Great to hear, look forward to getting back to it.

  3. Great! I love it. Much better for me too. Let me know of you need help with topics.

    I still think there's a need for a "widget" to carry through the posts to other sites more easily. The fun is part posting but mostly consuming. And to make this really work, consumption has to be super easy.

  4. Well here i smy take on this one...

  5. Glad to have this back - and time to write.... monthly seems more feasible as well. Good strategy call.