Thursday, May 1, 2014

SCU: While You Are Out

We all know the importance and allure of a good workbench. You can scarce go a day without seeing a picture of a fellow modeler's workspace, displayed proudly, on whatever social media circles you tend to hang out.
We are proud of our workstations. After all, that is where all the magic happens. Like a mechanic is at home in his garage, so are we most comfortable at the bench or wherever it is you model.

However, the hobby extends well beyond the hours we spend actually putting glue to plastic. For me, modeling does not start and end at the workbench. The true is same for you considering you're reading this blog.

That's why this week I want to know:
How do you stay in the hobby when you're away from the bench?

This can be as simple as gathering references online to the more obscure like rummaging through your neighbor's flower bed for diorama materials.

Don't forget, post the link to your response in the comment section below!
Remember the rules! Be courteous and post the links of your fellow bloggers' replies to this topic in your response.
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  1. Great to have the Union back, i can really relate to this topic right now....

    1. Well here is my take on this one...

  2. Done!

  3. Thought I'd posted this but guess not....

    Here's my entry!

  4. Here's mine guys:

  5. I'll take the return of the SCU as incentive to get back to the workbench myself.

  6. Glad to have the Union back.

    My post:

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  8. Here's an old post of mine that fits in really well here. All SCU rules broken, though, as it's not strictly an SCU post, but work has me sooooo busy at the minute, I haven't had the time even to write something (let alone paint anything).

    Nice to have the union back up and running, Jon.

  9. Can't believe 7 months have gone by since my last post... Good to be Back!