Monday, April 14, 2014

A Blogger On The Go!

After my post late yesterday evening, you all should know I'm a super busy dude who has had the majority of his model time taken away by work. Alas, don't cry for me for being employed is generally important especially in regards to providing for my family and other essential things like buying new kits.
Any way, that being said, I don't often find myself behind a computer screen any more - ain't got time for that...So how will I continue to blog?
Well the 21st century has brought about a great many innovative tools and devices to make our lives a bit easier. You know, things like internal combustion engines, or Dragon's DS tracks. Or for the sake of this post, the smart phone.

Yes, I installed the Blogger app on my mobile device which means I can now blog from places far removed from my home's LAN line like convention centers, the doctor's office or my in-law's toilet seat.
Granted, the bells and whistles aren't as flashy but it gets the job done. At this point, beggars can scarce be choosers. There is still much experimenting to be done but otherwise I am now a mobile model blogger!
Happy modeling! Carry on.


  1. If you post an update whilst sitting on your In-Laws toilet, please don't tell me. That's an image I just don't need this time in the morning (7.44am in UK) ha-ha

  2. Hmmm you do have to love modern technology.....I have to say i always wonder about people when i walk into a public loo and they are busy chatting behind the cubical door.....but blogging which is a relatively silent process works for me, but like Pepper we don't need all the

  3. how cool, I found that they have open wifi at the car wash/laundry mat *since the pipe burst in the laundry room guess who is going to spend some time playing with the free wifi on her tablet? ME!