Monday, February 10, 2014

Photographing Your Model

Show us your photo studio...

Obviously, if you want people to actually see your work online, you're going to eventually have to take pictures of your models. Last week, I wanted to see how the various Union members addressed the problem of miniature photography. As usual, the responses run the gamut of possibilities. But, whether you have money to spare for a high end upgrade or you're a penny pincher like myself who does everything on a budget, I am sure you'll find some useful tips and tricks to work for you. Check it out!

Unfortunately, I did not have the time to write a post. Just as well, there would not have been much to learn from my meager set up. This post will be just as beneficial to me as it will be to the rest of you. Hopefully, we all learned a little something about how to better present our models!

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  1. There were some great tips which I'm sure I will use for my own work.