Monday, January 27, 2014

Sprue Cutters Union 26: Glue

Probably the most important tool a modeler has on their workbench is glue. After all, the kit is not going together without it. The hazards that glue pose to a modeler are well known, so much so that some one named their Facebook page after one common super glue dilemma. Most of us understand that it takes some finesse and dexterity to ensure the glue hits the right spot and you're not left wasting time sanding away a sticky finger print or two. Or worse. That is why I want to know...

- What glue(s) do you use, and how do you apply them? -

This is similar to the paint topic we addressed a while back and just as simple. Considering the extensive selection of adhesives on the market, you just have to let us in on your preferences. Try to tell us what situations you will use particular glues in, and if you have any nifty tricks for application. And remember, safety first! Avoid the fumes...

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  1. An odd thing I've noticed about CA is that it will stick parts together sometimes, as it should. But other times you'd swear you were applying oil and it won't stick at all.

    1. Yes! I find that Loctite super glue works just fine but I attempted to use Scotch brand CA the other day and it was awful. I shouldn't have to hold the part there for a half hour...

    2. Yep same issue...I wonder what gives?

  2. bottle of acetone is ready and waiting!



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