Monday, January 20, 2014

Sprue Cutters Union 25: Time Management

Although I would love to build models for a living and become rich and famous doing this thing that I love, for now it is a simple hobby that I enjoy in my free time. I am sure many of us are busy with work, family, and our every day lives that interfere with how much model time we get. This week's topic comes as a suggestion from Fill 'n Sand...

- How do you find time for the hobby? -

Are you a lucky modeler who can stack several hours together to get work done, or do you have to work in increments of less time, gluing parts together here and there. How do you manage the free time you do have to give some much needed attention to the project on your work bench? Of course, you could also mention how you find the time to answer these Union questions too...Just sayin'.

How this works:

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