Monday, January 13, 2014

Sprue Cutters Union 24: Pet Peeves

Time for the first real topic of 2014. The majority of topics so far have been rather introspective, and this one is one is hardly different. However, this week we get to examine the nuances of our fellow modelers and our reactions to them. We all have things that push our buttons, even in this rather sedate hobby of ours. It could be that guy on the forum who is constantly complaining about upcoming releases. Or maybe its the community's over use of a particular technique. Whatever it is, it eats at your soul, and grates on your being like nails on a chalk board. This week, I want to know...

- What do other modelers do that gets under your skin? -

Now, I do not intend to start some sort of flame war between all the different camps of modelers out there. But it has come to my attention that what some modelers like, others quite abhor. What works for one, is detested by another. Keep in mind, these are all opinions and should be treated as such. I am just curious to know what gets your dander up.
Have fun!

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