Friday, January 10, 2014

Some New Materials for Dioramas

Being fond of dioramas and vignettes, money cannot always be put toward kits and figures. I have to ensure the ground work looks convincing as well which is not the easiest thing to do if you don't have the correct material.


So, I went on eBay and purchased two different kinds of MiniNatur grass tufts - one for summer and one for fall. They come in pre-made little clumps, meaning I won't have to make my own using paint brush bristles or the like, and they are easily stuck to the base with glue. They should contribute nicely to the overall look of the base and compliment the other grasses I use.

Vallejo Chipping Medium

This is similar to the chipping mediums available from AK and I'm assuming it works just as well. This is intended to replace the hairspray which I have never been able to yield satisfactory results with. It is applied over the base coat, then over sprayed with the top color. I should then be able to use water to chip away at the top coat exposing the color beneath. It will certainly be a welcome effect to compliment the weathered vehicles I like to make.

Any one have experience with these items? I hope to write up a short review, and maybe a how-to for these products once I get familiar with them. Stay tuned!


  1. I don't have experience with any of those products. I do have terrible experiences trying to make my own grass tufts consistently, but that's done straight on the model surface.

    The chipping medium is interesting. What are you going to use to remove it? I'm thinking warm water and some of that foam that comes with miniatures.

    I'd definitely love to see your thoughts on these/

    1. Terrible experiences indeed. Prior to these I had just been cutting clumps of paint brush bristles and haphazardly sticking them on. Works in certain scenarios but gets more difficult in smaller scales.
      Yes, I'll probably use warm water and a stiff brush to get it off. We'll see. Thanks for commenting!

  2. I can't comment on the Vallejo, but if it's anything like the AK stuff I experimented with recently, it should be a breeze.
    Any tips I'd give myself for the next time (and thus to you now :-)) is making sure you get enough layers (3) of the chipping medium. If it's too thin, it won't work as well and you risk scratching off the paint below, exposing plastic.
    Stiff bristles didn't do it for me, I had to use toothpicks. Several actually, since the tip wore off pretty fast.

    Haven't used any grass products yet, but anxious to try them out.