Wednesday, January 22, 2014

How To Make a Telephone Pole

For my crashed Hind scene, I wanted to add some urban flare, and give it a sense of civilization. A simple way to do that was to create my own telephone pole. It will also give some height to the diorama and give it a more dynamic silhouette.
Any way, here is an easy way to make your own telephone pole! Hope it helps...

First you need something to create the pole itself. For this I used the shaft of an old paint brush -

Then I sanded off all the red paint to reveal the more realistic wood underneath -

Next, something is needed to create the little cross beam that hold the wires. So I grabbed a tongue depressor but any wood of similar thickness would suffice. Cut a small piece out -

That should do.
Then I was wondering how to replicate the insulators that sit on top of the telephone pole. Luckily, I had a bag full of tiny electronic parts, like circuit boards and wires taken from an old digital camera -

The resistors found on a circuit board make perfect insulators -

Just trim the leads down.
Next I glued them to the wooden piece which was then attached to the pole -

Using some plastic card, I made the small diagonal braces supporting the cross beam -

And that is as simple as it gets. Now that it is together, I just need to paint and weather it, then attach some wires and it is complete. I think it is convincing enough to represent a utility pole carrying any overhead power lines you may need for your diorama. And it sticks easily into the base -

Please, let me know what you think! Thanks for reading!


  1. Replies
    1. Great job for a simple realistic telephone pole .

  2. Hi Jon,
    This was sent to me and i thought you and maybe some of the other military guys would like???

  3. Dude. Go buy some Friggn Wood dowels and Guitar string and whip those up. Forget the Glue u can't see, make the Pole Brother...

  4. You need to add a third transistor to your telephone pole if you are going to make it look like a real telephone pole. Also, different telephone poles have different appearances, as well as different insulator sizes and even different attachments. The best way to make it look like a real telephone pole is to do what people do with making model vehicles from scratch, namely, you scale it down from a real world telephone pole.

  5. Furthermore, another thing that you need to do is to actually cut your transistors in half, as they are too bulky to match up to the real life telephone pole that you have on this website. You would also do well to make molds with the transistors so that you can make them look more realistic by melting tiny bits of metal on to them with a new and custom made mold. Yes, it might be tiresome, as well as difficult, to do, but once that it is done, you can get it to look just like real insulators once you have carved it to the right shape and painted it after said model insulators have cooled off enough where you can work with them better. Finally, I am not sure, but your insulators may or may not need to be moved slightly towards the inside on that plank of wood that is supporting said insulators. I know that I might seem nitpicky and such with the telephone poles, but the reality is that hardly anyone ever gets real telephone poles right, and if they are made, they either end up looking like old-school railroad telephone poles or telephone poles that are in places like the New England states, the New York City metropolitan area, or the coastal or mountainous regions of California, but the reality is that rarely does anywhere else in the country look like those places and that telephone poles have a HUGE amount of variety in the USA and Canada.

  6. Try looking up these links to give you even more depth on how to make telephone poles.

    There is plenty of information there, and if that is not enough, then Google Maps is your friend. What you need to do is check out random spots in the country and then work from there. I do apologize for the many posts that are on here, but if you plan on making it, then you need to make it right.