Wednesday, January 22, 2014

How To Make a Telephone Pole

For my crashed Hind scene, I wanted to add some urban flare, and give it a sense of civilization. A simple way to do that was to create my own telephone pole. It will also give some height to the diorama and give it a more dynamic silhouette.
Any way, here is an easy way to make your own telephone pole! Hope it helps...

First you need something to create the pole itself. For this I used the shaft of an old paint brush -

Then I sanded off all the red paint to reveal the more realistic wood underneath -

Next, something is needed to create the little cross beam that hold the wires. So I grabbed a tongue depressor but any wood of similar thickness would suffice. Cut a small piece out -

That should do.
Then I was wondering how to replicate the insulators that sit on top of the telephone pole. Luckily, I had a bag full of tiny electronic parts, like circuit boards and wires taken from an old digital camera -

The resistors found on a circuit board make perfect insulators -

Just trim the leads down.
Next I glued them to the wooden piece which was then attached to the pole -

Using some plastic card, I made the small diagonal braces supporting the cross beam -

And that is as simple as it gets. Now that it is together, I just need to paint and weather it, then attach some wires and it is complete. I think it is convincing enough to represent a utility pole carrying any overhead power lines you may need for your diorama. And it sticks easily into the base -

Please, let me know what you think! Thanks for reading!


  1. Replies
    1. Great job for a simple realistic telephone pole .

  2. Hi Jon,
    This was sent to me and i thought you and maybe some of the other military guys would like???

  3. Dude. Go buy some Friggn Wood dowels and Guitar string and whip those up. Forget the Glue u can't see, make the Pole Brother...