Monday, December 16, 2013

Sprue Cutters Union 22: The Whole Kit 'n Kaboodle

Last week, I asked the Union to get their cameras out and take a few pics of the all-important workbench for all of us to see. This week, I hope your cameras are still in good working order because you're going to need them again...

- I'll show you my stash if you show me yours... -

Yes, that's right. Its time to showcase your lovely collection of unbuilt kits. Lets see what you've got laying around the house. I am sure we'll see some interesting subjects. I wonder who has the biggest...

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  1. Awesome idea for a topic. Thought I would join in on this one. Wrote my article and here is the link (hope it works.)

  2. Wow, are we talking unbuilt and still on sprue, or incomplete projects?

    1. Just what's unbuilt/still on the sprue. I may have another topic regarding unfinished stuff for a later date...thanks for spoiling it, Frank ; )

  3. That's hard mine are all in boxes ready for our move.....Hmmm to I run the gauntlet and pull them out for a photo and deal with the wife late????

  4. How about a list? I'll accept that under the circumstances.

  5. Here's mine for the week!

  6. This was strangely cathartic. I hope my wife doesn't read it.

  7. This topic is a topic that when it comes up in the forums I enjoy looking at....though sadly I can't participate in. LOL. Here's my (brief) post:

  8. Merry Christmas everyone. Here's my post...

  9. No running no gauntlet with my sir:

  10. Here is my offerings for this week...

  11. My 2c :