Thursday, December 5, 2013

Revell 1/72 Panzerhaubitze 2000 Update

Construction is complete! Read my thoughts on the kit so far, and where we go from here.

This build took no time at all. About three night's work, or around six hours, was all that I needed to put this little PzH 2000 together. Little probably isn't the best word to use here despite its scale. Much like its name, the Panzerhaubitze is actually quite large. Compare it to the 1/72 Revell Jagdtiger and you'll see what I mean...

There were not many issues to speak of and I only ran into one slight problem with the tracks. With link and length tracks, such as these, a portion of individual links are used to make the curve around the idler wheel and the sprocket. I found that the instructions didn't correctly identify the number of individual links required for the front section or aft section of track. Its an easy matter to fix by just adding or subtracting a link here and there but if you prefer to pre-assemble the tracks and then lay them on the wheels, you may run into some fit issues. I attached them to the PzH as I went allowing for more flexibility if I hit some snags.

Everything else was pretty straight forward. The instructions were clear and the fit was satisfactory. One downside is that the front turret basket is fairly rudimentary looking and thick. The kit would certainly benefit from photo-etch in this regard. And of course, getting the barrel seam under control is always an issue for armor builds. This was not terribly bad, but careful sanding was needed.

When I completed the build, I had to start thinking about paint work and context. I had shared some ideas I had in the PzH 2000 build preview but I was not so sure my mind was made up. Matter of fact, I delayed painting because I wanted to be positive its how I wanted it to look. Some times, the model gods smile in your favor. Yesterday, I stumbled upon a picture of a PzH 2000 I had not seen in my previous searches...

The look of this is absolutely perfect. The woodland camo covered in dirt, mud, exhaust stains, and grime was just the look I was going for to compliment this utilitarian AFV. I will hopefully have some time to start painting tonight.

Questions with Answers:

Will the amount of molded detail lend itself positively to the kit, or will it give it a flat toy-like appearance? 
This remains to be seen and I won't be able to answer that completely until its completed. I think with proper paint and weathering, it'll turn out okay.

Will the link and length tracks drive me to drink? 
Surprisingly, no. While I did run into some confusion with the instructions, it was a simple fix and the tracks were in place without much cursing and gnashing of teeth.

Will I actually be inspired for this? 
Yes. Though I doubted this at first, the picture I found yesterday has given me a renewed spirit. Lets see what happens.

Thanks for following along!

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