Sunday, December 22, 2013

It's Not the Size of Your Stash That Counts

Ah, the fabled stash. It is one of the many commonalities that bind modelers together. Most modelers have a healthy cache of stockpiled kits, and I would bet that if you do not have one currently, you are likely a new modeler and will most certainly have one in the not so distant future. I only make this statement out of personal experience as it was not long ago that I doubted I would ever have a stash my own as I simply couldn't comprehend the attraction. I soon changed my mind as I discovered merely shopping for kits was almost as fun as actually building them. Though I have a collection of unbuilt kits now, it is still quite small in comparison to some as you will see when you examine the posts of my fellow Unionists. 

Not long ago, I showed you my workbench. If you recall, I work on the dining room table which is flanked by a rather large (and outdated) hutch. It is the cabinets below that conceal my meager stash from guests, gawkers, and outsiders who can't fathom the extent of our obsession. Since we are all friends here, I will show you, the folks who can at least appreciate it, what I have...

That is pretty much it. You can see that most of the kits have some age on them and of course, Revell is represented quite smartly. This is because I am frugal. Or cheap. Whatever you want to call me. In my defense, some of those kits were inherited by modelers looking to offload them. Who am I to let a kit slip by the wayside? Indeed. Sadly, its all mostly aircraft. While I do like building planes, I'm quite fond of armor and feel inclined to build my stash with some.
What you don't see are a few kits tucked behind these aircraft that I do not have the motivation to address at the moment. (Read: ships) So, they sit in the back until I get inspired. If I get inspired.
Sharing the space with my stash is my collection of references, both in the form of hard back publications as well as various magazines like Finescale Modeler and Tamiya International. Since the acquisition of an iPad, I'll have to admit that these old fashioned media rarely leave the confines of this cabinet.

So there you have it. Its quite small, I know, but it suits my purposes. I should also mention that almost a third of the kits you see here are assembled and sitting on my shelf waiting for paint. This was due to an early condition I suffered through where maintaining one project to the finish was nearly impossible. Fortunately, through some intense concentration I have been able to get this illness under control. The stash is also not likely going to grow, much. Considering my lack of storage space my wife and I agreed that I should deplete my current stockpile before I start bringing more in the house. It has diminished some aspects of fun, but its certainly necessary.

With Christmas approaching, its been difficult to model, let alone find time to blog. Hence the lateness of my entry. I'll try to maintain the appropriate level of participation during the busy season. I hope you've enjoyed the brief glimpse into my stash.
Thanks for reading!

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