Wednesday, December 4, 2013

All I Want for Christmas...

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas. I spent most of this past weekend dragging all of the decorations out of the shed and sorting through boxes of LED lights, ornaments, dancing Santas and stockings. With three kids running amok in the house, the experience can be both rewarding and much too frustrating to feel like continuing. Kinda like this hobby, actually.
Inevitably, we have to consider shopping for the children. This is actually quite an easy task, given that come every December 26th they usually start telling us what they want next Christmas. Its always nice to have a notice a year in advance....

Not unlike my children, I have always fancied myself terribly simple to shop for. I have few interests, and am not extremely picky. Really, anything model related will probably pacify me. That said, it isn't often I actually get a model kit as a gift by surprise. Most Christmases, I will get a wad of cash to spend in the hobby shop as I see fit. It would seem, though our hobby is simple enough, most outsiders haven't the foggiest idea what makes a good gift, therefore, they defer the decision making process to me. Honestly, I'm okay with this because it keeps my stash at a manageable level of interest, and it gives me the means to buy things that are not kits. Lets face it, if some one is giving me a hobby related gift, nine times out of ten...its a kit and not, say, paint.

I haven't actually thought about what I wanted for Christmas in a very long time. With a wife and three kids, it just isn't that important to me. I tend to not think about these things until I'm in the hobby shop with the money some one gave to me. So, this should be a fun assignment. Lets see what I come up with here, and compare it to what I actually get come December 25th. Without further ado, here are the top four things I want for Christmas...

We'll start from the bottom.

4. Paint
Really, this is a must have, not a wish. I'd go as far as to say that I will definitely get paint this holiday. So certain I am, that I would put money on it. Don't bet against me. You will lose.
Part of what makes the holiday awesome is that it means I get to go to the local hobby shop. I use the term "local" loosely, however, as it is a good 40 to 45 minute drive from my house. In the course of a year, I will probably make it there only two or three times and so I use the occasion to stock up on Tamiya Acrylics and Vallejo.
How likely am I to get this? As I already said, Extremely.

3. Photo Booth
I had actually considered purchasing one of these a while ago this year but never made the deal. However, its becoming very clear that I need to upgrade my photography set up. The images of my work tend to be fairly dark and full of shadows. I think getting a booth like this, or even creating my own will really improve the look of my models and the look of the blog in general.
How likely am I to get this? Possibly.

2. M60
I have a friend who, like me, is a huge The Walking Dead fan. He gave me a great idea to do a diorama of the final battle that took place during the mid-season finale this past Sunday. An M60 was involved in the fight, so I'm after either a 1/72 scale or maybe 1/35 scale kit. At this point, I haven't decided as this project is still in the concept phase.
How likely am I to get this? Depends. I have a deal with the wife that no new kits can enter the stash until I've depleted it. Hopefully the Christmas spirit will change her mind...

1. F-16A ADF
I just purchased decals for a couple of F-16A ADF fighters representing the 177th Fighter Wing that I am associated with. Having a kit to put them on sure would be nice. But given what I just said about securing a new kit, this may be an acquisition I make later on in the year.
How likely am I to get this? Possible, considering it represents the                                                             unit I work for.

This is the list as of December 3rd. It is probably not static, as my tastes and wishes are as fluid as the ocean tides, but time will tell. I am interested to see what plays out on or after the 25th, but convincing the wife of a new kit or two is another battle I am not likely going to win. Though, sometimes wishes do come true, right?
Thanks for reading!


  1. Good luck with your wishes Jon. The photo booth is something I have a desire for as well, I hate spending money in something that I will use, but not as often as I'd like, I made one which will suffice for now. I like that you get cash, all I seem to do at thus time if year is hand it
    I have my fingers crossed for you.

  2. Great post, Jon. Hope you get some of those items :)

  3. Good post Jon, I totally agree with what you said about outsiders not knowing what to get. I tend to get hobby cash from most of the family, but my wife seems insistent on trying to find something 'else' to get me, then wonders why she struggles to think of stuff to buy.

    I think wives and partners should stop fighting fate and just get us hobby stuff. I've been a good boy this year...