Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What Am I Hungry For?

Its been a long day. Work is over and dinner time is quickly approaching. You are so hungry but you don't really feel like cooking or eating left overs so you pick up your phone and call a friend. Hey man, you say, let's go get something to eat.
Your friend agrees, and the conversation turns to destination. After suggesting some possible locations, Chinese, or maybe Italian, you settle on a Bar and Grill in town. Meet you there!

You gather your wallet and keys and climb back into your car, all the while contemplating what you will order. You've been there before, and know the menu well. Should I get the Wild West Burger or the Fish Tacos? Decisions, decisions. Your preferences change with each traffic light. When you arrive and step out into the evening air, the crisp aroma of hamburger on a hot grill is hard to resist. Bacon Cheese Burger it is!

Your friend has held a table close to the bar and waves you over as soon as you walk in. The dapper young waitress brings you menus and informs you of the evening's specials. Drinks will be up soon. In the mean time, your pal is pointing out the grilled chicken and pasta dish on the back page. Suddenly, that burger doesn't seem quite as appealing. A steaming hot plate of quesadillas and rice is delivered to the table next to yours. It smells pretty good. Decisions, decisions. Now, you start flipping through the menu, weighing everything against the bacon cheese burger you had your heart set on at first. Suddenly, it hits you. The picture of that tender, juicy sirloin steak and mashed potatoes is impossible to ignore. Plus, its only $15.
That's the one.

As goofy and irrelevant as that sounds, its basically a similar process that I go through in order to select my next project. I like to let all facets of the hobby feed my senses, fuel my inspiration. Now that I run this blog, I like to take into account what subjects readers may suggest. Though I model for myself, its important to consider the audience, and if I can find something that plays into both of our interests, its a win for all of us.

If a certain suggestion doesn't tickle my fancy, perhaps I'll take a look at the menu - the all important stash. Mine is fairly limited so I can say with much certainty that every thing I own I actually intend to build. Perusing the stash allows that one kit to speak to me, much like the selection at a restaurant may steer you towards a particular meal. I may go in having some idea of what I want to build, like armor, but having a look at my options really helps narrow it down.

Any good menu has images of the food available to order. Each item looks fresh and delicious. Enticing. In the same way, if what I have in the stash isn't immediately inspiring, the internet is a good way to get those creative juices flowing. If I have the early stages of a project in mind, nothing is more inspiring than finding pictures of the subject you want to recreate. One of the best things to do in military modeling is to let real life be your guide. Find a cool photo or two and apply it.

Over all, I'm not really a picky eater, or modeler for that matter. For that reason, I may change ideas and prospects several times before finally deciding on the next project. Whatever seems to pique my appetite at that moment will likely find its way on to my workbench.

I'm hungry now...


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  1. Oh now that hits the mark on so many ways. I love your analogy of deciding what to build, it can be like a fast food place, and sometimes top shelf as well.
    I have the same issue, I may pull out a model and start cutting it off the sprues and then the next day I just cannot get going on it, so back into the box and out with the next victim.
    Great read and I am still smiling....

    1. Thanks Shayne, honestly, it was the easiest way to describe it. Moving on to that next project can be a difficult choice, and one that I'm going to be making shortly now that the Oscar is finished!

  2. I don't know whether to comment on what inspires you or order a take out lol. Great read Jon

  3. Very nicely written post, Jon.

    P.S. I'm bloody starving now!