Monday, November 18, 2013

State of the Union: Go Big or Go Home

The Union came out in droves to answer last week's question of whether or not we would be inclined to work on one epic project if we had no time or resources limits to consider. The answers were fairly varied and interesting. Take a look!

Kermit's Bench
Lt. Smashs' Models
Digital Sprue - New to the Union
The Scale Workshop
Miniature and Model Painting
Migrant's Wanderings
Scale Model Workbench
The Eternal Wargamer
Doogs' Models
Mattblackgod's World
Fill 'n Sand
Yet Another Plastic Modeller
Motorsport Modeller
The Combat Workshop

 Please join me in welcoming Digital Sprue to the Union! Thanks for all the avid participation, and keep an eye out for the next topic!

For all current members, to help grow our respective audiences, don't forget to add the links from your fellow contributors onto your post.
If you want to join the Union, all you need is a blog and a passion for the hobby! Spread the word! Join the Union!

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