Monday, November 11, 2013

Always on the Lookout

This past weekend, my father-in-law told me he was looking for a credenza to put in his home office. After Googling what, exactly, a credenza is, I told him he might look for one in an antique shop that isn't far from my house. The shop is huge, and contains just about any thing you're looking for, from furniture, to old guitars, to jewelry, to old military memorabilia. To me, its more like a museum, and therefore, I love taking the trip. You never know what you're going to find, especially if you haven't been there in several years.

I gave him directions, but he wanted me to come along in case he needed some muscle to get the credenza in the truck...assuming we actually found one, which I'll admit was a bit presumptuous. Though I could spend hours pouring over the artifacts in the shop, I couldn't guarantee he would find what he was looking for. That is the nature of an antique shop. Never the less, I came along because I wanted to see what I might run into.

Putting me into a space full of old yet some what cool junk is a quick way to get me off track. After arriving, it was difficult to focus on our intended goal of securing a piece of office furniture as I was far to distracted by the old WWII uniforms, yellowing Fender guitars, Spider Man comic books, and hockey trading cards. And, of course, the occasional model...

I kept an eye out for any model related items, and I wasn't entirely disappointed. Not that I intended on purchasing anything, I was just curious to see what they might have lying around...Check it out!

There was a stack or two of old car models, the majority of which were Revell but this MPC pile caught my eye. They were in a case, so I wasn't sure of the price, but that Demon would make a nice model I'm sure...

There was even this Balsa wood flier for $5.00...

And for a steal of $12.50 you could get this whole box of pre-built and pre-painted models. Clearly some one's old collection. I wonder who they were...

Lastly, this metal kit by Hubley. Not something I would ever consider but I thought it was interesting...and heavy.

  Though we didn't actually find a suitable credenza, I was not disappointed with the trip. It just goes to show you that you can find some pretty interesting model stuff that is not on the beaten path or your at local hobby shop. Next time the wife (or father-in-law as the case may be) asks you to come out antique shopping, don't turn her down. You might find a few treasures for yourself!
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