1/144 F-14 Tomcat Vignette - Finished!

New decals rejuvenated this stalled project! 

Remember this one? Its a tiny project sat dormant for the past month or so, waiting on the chance for me to purchase decals that would be of better quality than the nasty markings included in the kit. What the model offered were far too thick and didn't blend well, even after several applications of decal set. It did not take much effort to scrape them off with an Xacto blade.
When I finally scrounged up the money, I ordered a set of Fightertown Decals from Sprue Brothers which came promptly after two days. My only issue is that the set was not numbered so it was difficult to match up the decals on the sheet with the markings on the guide. Considering some decals are so small they were impossible to read, I left them off altogether. Never the less, the markings I did add were much better than the alternative and gave me the opportunity to finish a project that was quickly collecting dust.

Here is the final look:

You can see there is no pilot, an issue I mentioned before, but I don't really care. I wanted a clever way to display this little model so I went for it. A pin wash here and there really helped with the weathering. Otherwise, not much else to say. It was a small project, that was quite enjoyable. The kit built up well and I'm ultimately happy with the results.
Thanks for reading!


  1. Great way to display the build, nice and simple yet it tells a great story. Nice use of the old jar lid as well.

  2. Crikey, looks it might be a bolter, don't know if he'll catch that wire..... :)

    I'd like to do a landing on dio one day, your's is very very nice, great on the jar lid.


    1. Thanks Jim, yeah, maybe he's just doing a touch and go...then again, with no pilots the plane has bigger problems to worry about ; )

  3. love the look of this one jon. really impressed with the feeling of speed that this creates. One of my favourites

  4. Nice! One thing I've been dying to try is something like this, but applying motion blur to the ground to convey the sense of speed. It's pretty easy to apply the blur in Photoshop or something, so as long as it's flat terrain (carrier deck or tarmac would be perfect) there's a lot of room to play.

    1. Thanks, it was a lot of fun and I think I'll try to do more of these "in-flight" displays. The motion blur is a good idea and I've seen a picture or two of an F-104 floating around the internet that has employed this quite effectively.


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