Friday, October 11, 2013

Testor's A-6A Intruder - Part III


Quick update.
My father and I decided on painting the Intruder in a less traditional camouflage pattern as opposed to the typical Navy gray over white. This may sound odd to you but believe it or not the US Navy experimented with a low-viz green camo scheme on A-6A's during a brief period of the Vietnam War. Apparently it didn't catch on. My A-6 was going to wear a two-tone green scheme over white.
After spraying it, honestly it looked terrible, both in aesthetic terms and due to poor technique. So, I started over...

If you have a tablet of some sort, I suggest using it for a handy reference tool while at the bench. I generally have multiple tabs open, showing different walk-around shots or paint schemes that I'll be using for a specific project. It sure beats printing out photos from the PC, a method I used to use. Just don't spill anything on it...

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Great pre-shading! One of my fav weathering techniques :)