Sprue Cutters Union #14: What I Hate About This Hobby

Any modeler should find this week's Union topic fairly easy to answer. Most of us have a rather intense love/hate relationship with different aspects of the hobby. I could rattle off any number of things, like decaling, filling and sanding, photo etch, etc etc and this would be a really short post. While yes, I do hate those things, I don't hate them enough that it truly makes me want to flip a table in disgust.

So what does?

Indeed, sometimes the technical issues of a build really don't get along with me. I've had my share of silvering, or poor fit on a kit but really, who hasn't? Most of those issues are easy enough to overcome. My problem is that I am my own worst enemy. I hate myself. Well, that sounds a bit harsh doesn't it? I'm not saying I'm going to harm myself but there are times I feel like I should do myself a favor and go drown myself in a vat of Mr. Surfacer.

When a kit has a problem, like fit, that is one thing we all have to deal with. I can't get that angry at a situation we all know is a distinct possibility. Problems for me arise when I am the reason for the issue. I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about. My model is sitting on my workbench, about 99% complete, it looks perfect, right? No, no it doesn't, I think to myself. It needs a little extra something. At this point I have something of an "out of body" experience. My better sense of judgement escapes and hovers over the workbench, yelling and screaming at me FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DON'T TOUCH IT! but do I hear it? More than likely not, because the obtuse numpty that has taken over my body doesn't understand the concept known as "leave well enough alone". The devil within me always thinks that a tweak here, and a tweak there will really push it to the next level, meanwhile the angel on my shoulder is banging his head on a wall mumbling "you're going to ruin it" over and over.

He's usually right. It is hard to give a specific example but this usually occurs towards the end of a build, around the weathering or painting component. I'll say, yeah, a couple more streaks here will look outstanding. Or I'll say, hey, how about you try that awesome oil filtering process that you still haven't perfected yet but its obviously going to look great on this model! Yeah!
No. As soon as I make this disastrous attempt is when my better judgement returns as I think DEAR GOD, WHAT HAVE I DONE??

[Commence the flipping of table]

Once the shock wares off, the hurtful self deprecation begins. Of course, then the debate about weather I should attempt to fix my error now or wait until the following night. Statistically speaking, these brain farts usually occur at the end of my work night leaving me no time to address the issue immediately. This means, the self loathing goes to bed with me, and I lay there thinking how I could possibly be so stupid. Then the entire next day is spent strategizing the repair attempt. Oh, and more self hate. Until finally I can fix it or if its bad enough, shelf it. Either way...

I hate myself.
I am the worst part of this hobby.


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  1. Great post Jon. I have done this a few times. I have managed it by keeping the next project burning in my mind so I can't wait to finish this one. It seems to work although I have found it makes you miss the odd thing. lol.

    1. Yeah, its more a matter of trying to push the model up a notch when really it was fine where it was. I've done this so many times you'd think I'd learn by now. But the first step in solving a problem is admitting you have one so hopefully now that I've put it out there, perhaps I'll be slightly more conscious of it.

  2. I'm sorry but I burst out laughing at this post. Not in a 'ha-ha it happened to you and not me' sort of way but because I think every modeller can relate to it. I once threw a miniature table at my kitchen wall in a temper. My Hubby, quick as a flash, hit it back to me with a book he was reading. We now call it tantrum tennis =0)
    I think realistically you have maybe three hours of good modelling time in you before you get tired and start making mistakes or bad judgments. Don't be so hard on yourself - we've all been there...anyone for tennis? =0P

    1. No apology necessary, we have to laugh at ourselves every now and then. Tantrum tennis sounds like fun though I haven't gotten quite made enough to actually toss a model.

  3. We certainly have all been there and done that. I like the idea of thinking of the next project to help finish the current one, my problem would be forget the current and onto the new.
    Nice post Jon.

    1. There are two sides to every coin. Being too excited to move on can definitely cause me to finish a project before its truly finished. My shelves are loaded with that evidence.

  4. Excellent post! I thought I was the only one that went to bed pissed off with myself, and planning the next day's action to rectify a model I''ve fec*ed up! There's always a nagging voice asking me why I continue to keep building models when I suck at so many aspects of it - I guess I'm also my own worst enemy - a real, demanding *******! LOL

  5. p.s. you are being hard on yourself. Your builds are great and the content of this blog excellent

    1. Thanks! Nothing like having your day taken up by thoughts about how you're going to fix that tiny little plastic model that you messed up on the night before. We really do have a strange hobby sometimes...


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