Monday, October 7, 2013

Sprue Cutters Union #12: What You Like

I think I'm fairly diverse in my modeling interests. Though I was brought up as an aircraft modeler, I dabble in armor, dioramas, and whatever else may catch my interest. Heck, I even use action figures for some of my projects. I'm not sure if I'm an exception to the rule or not, but I'd say we know a fair amount of modelers who stick to one subject, maybe even one scale, and never stray from it. One of the first Union topics asked what three models will never touch your workbench. But this week I want to know what your biggest interests are...

- What do you like to build? -

This, as usual, could go a lot of different ways. Do you like armor? If so, what scale? What era? Only German World War II subjects? You get the picture. Its not a difficult assignment, unless you're like me and are up for almost anything. For you wargamer guys, I'm sure it gets pretty specific for you so I'm curious to see what you have to say as well. 

Remember, all it takes is a passion for this hobby and a blog to go along with it! All you have to do is write a post in response to this topic by Sunday and you can be a member of the Sprue Cutters Union. Take a look at the Sprue Cutters Union page for more detail. Once you've written your post, either email me the link or drop the link in the comment section below.
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  1. Hey Jon, just dropping in to say hello. You may think it's odd for a dollhouse (12th scale) miniaturist to follow but a lot of the techniques you use are transferable to my hobby. For example is a phenomenal miniature landscaper and scale vehicle tinkerer and got a lot of her tips from modelers like you.
    Anyway - what I like to build? Anything that I can possibly reduce realistically into a smaller scale; furniture, plants, lamps etc.
    Have a good day =0)

    1. Thanks for commenting Pepper and sharing that blog. I don't find it odd at all, since making such items for dollhouses shares the same qualities and techniques as modeling dioramas and such, and both have a passion for all things miniature. Thanks again

  2. I'm a simple guy with simple needs and desires :

  3. Ok here is mine, I like chocolate what else?

  4. And here is mine...

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  6. And here is mine:

  7. A frogs taste:

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