Saturday, October 5, 2013

Sprue Cutters Union #11: My Hang Outs

I was going to work on the Intruder this evening, but the time got away from me and a late start only leads to sloppy, hurried work. So I decided to fulfill my Union dues tonight. The wife and kids are all in bed, sound asleep, while I sit alone on the couch kept company only by the people on television.
You see, this hobby is quite lonesome. For me, the night's work only begins after every one has turned in for the night. No one is up to see me work, compliment my successes, or comfort me in my failures. I'm sure most of us are this way, spending hours on end, alone with our own thoughts and frustrations. To get some social interaction , we owe much of our hobby related relationships to the impersonal world of the Internets.

Outside of forums, blogs, and Facebook pages what else is there? I mean, ninety percent of my conversations about modeling occur some where in cyberspace, not the local pub - although, that would be one heck of a pub. Any way, I am unable to join a local club for the fact that there are no local clubs, which presents quite a problem for someone intent on being a member. The nearest one is roughly an hour away, and despite it only being a once a month get together, its just too far, even for a staunch devotee like myself. I've entertained thoughts of creating my own club but I'm not sure how many modelers I'd be able to dig up down in the pine country of New Jersey. Modeling, much like civilization, is pretty much non existent in this town.
Never the less, I know a modeler or two, one of whom is my best friend and the other is my father. Though we are all busy quite frequently with that stupid yet necessary thing called work, we do get together at least a handful of times a year to talk hobby. Most commonly, our get togethers result in a trip to the local hobby shop which is far from local in the literal sense. Its about a forty minute drive but certainly well worth it, especially with such good company.
Outside of trips to the ol' LHS we do make it out to some shows across the region. My father and I attempt to make two shows a year, being Mosquito Con in Wayne, New Jersey and the three hour drive up to Danbury, Connecticut for Armor Con. Although in these cases my father and I are populating the "watering hole" its not like we create new relationships with fellow modelers. Most interactions are fleeting. This was, of course, before The Combat Workshop so perhaps I'll run into a few of you at the next gig, in which case our interactions might be a bit more lasting.

Though the face to face meetings with other modelers isn't necessary to enjoy the hobby, it is nice to know you're not alone on the planet. That there are people who are just like you, have a passion for the same things you do, and get pleasure out of the same obscure hobby. If there is anything I've learned from the Sprue Cutters Union so far it's that just when you think you're the crazy one, other modelers are far more like you than you think!


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  1. Very true Jon we may be alone in our respective model work areas, but we are united by our common passion. I enjoyed your post...

    1. Thanks, in a lot of ways the only thing modeler's ARE united by is just the fact that we're all modelers, haha. There are so many factions within the hobby though, like scales, subjects, techniques, etc.

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