Friday, October 18, 2013

Lay It To Rest...

When I first sat down to paint my father's A-6A Intruder I had no idea the ordeal I was about to endure. Like the evil character of some B list horror movie, this model has haunted me relentlessly. I'm afraid to sleep, convinced it will invade my dreams. I'm terrified to even speak its name, lest it hears and increases its vengeful wrath. The task was simple. Paint and decals. That is all it needed. The finishing process for any model is arguably my favorite aspect of the build, but this has turned into a nightmare.

I have been forced to repaint the aircraft three times, not including the time I had to completely strip the paint off the right wing and start over. What has happened? I'm not aware and can only guess there has been some sort of reaction caused by the Future I was using for my gloss coat. I thought I had finally figured it out last night, after applying a layer of dull coat with no issues. But again, after a gloss coat the funky rash appeared!

As much as I hate to do it, I need to put this model on the shelf for a while. At the moment, its causing me too much grief and frustration, emotions that I do not like to mix with this hobby.
I don't like to quit on a project, especially when its my dad's model but if I continue, I'm likely going to drive off a very steep cliff. So, for the time being, I'm going to put it aside until I can get up the strength to strip the entire aircraft of paint, again, and refinish it. If not, I'm probably going to purchase my father a new, better A-6. Christmas is coming after all...

Despite the loss, this experience has taught me that I should probably invest in a better gloss coat, like Testor's lacquer or something like that rather than relying on Future Floor Polish, which at this point is probably better left for the floor than the model. Don't shed too many tears guys, my father has two more models complete and ready for paint so at least there is some comfort in that.

Still, abandoning a build is not my MO, at least not any more. Though I did make a noble attempt at saving it, its just taken me to a point where I'm questioning my ability to finish it well enough, and in some cases, questioning my ability as a modeler! That said, jumping back into the Ki-43 Oscar is probably what I need to rejuvenate my battered ego and start again.

So it is with a heart full of sorrow that, for now at least, I bid adieu to you, Intruder. Rest assured knowing you will not be forgotten. I shall return in due time to give you that proper finish you so deserve.

[Cue "Amazing Grace"]

Thanks for reading.


  1. Knowing when to walk away from a fight, is no defeat, but an opportunity to regroup and rethink. Focus on something different and come back when you're ready. We all have projects that are "on hold", sometimes for many years.

    1. Definitely putting it away for some time. Ready to focus on the Ki-43 now and regroup!