Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hasegawa 1/32 Ki-43 Hayabusa: Mid Project Update

For the most part, I have ceased updating this blog with actual day-by-day progress shots of the project I'm working on. That is simply too demanding for the time that I have available. Hence forth, I'll just be doing a build preview, mid-production update, and final glamour shots. For WIP stuff, check out the Facebook page!

Any way, since abandoning the A-6 for the time being, I've picked up the Oscar that I started a while back and it really hasn't given me very much trouble. The molding is a bit old, and it shows in places, manifesting itself in the form of poor fit along the wing roots and other areas. Easily correctable, however, are these issues with a little bit of time, putty, and careful sanding.

I most enjoyed the interior, the details of which I supplemented with some parts from the spares bin and some scratch built seat harnesses made from masking tape and wire. The only disappointment so far being that the work done on the interior will not be easily seen when the fuselage halves are mated. Japanese cockpits were tight, but that is just the way it goes. I added a brake line to the wheels for a little added detail on the landing gear as well. That pretty much completed the build, and now she has an appointment with the paint booth.

The box allows for two color and marking option, neither of which I'm going to use. The first option calls for mottled green over natural metal. I have a strong distaste for NMF mainly because I am not good at it, and also because I don't have the tools necessary, like Alclad.
The second scheme is the basic IJA green over light gray, which is fine but much too monochromatic. So I've decided to go with a more eye catching option. Accurate or not, I really don't care. It looks good.

This will be the first trip to the paint shop since I botched the Intruder scheme (several times) so I'm hoping this will boost my confidence again, and get me back into the win column. The markings, except for maybe the Hinomaru on the wings and fuselage will be masked and painted. Wish me luck, the process should begin tonight!
Thanks for reading!


  1. Love the cockpit painting, I forgot how basic the wheels look on planes prior to all the paint details. Look forward to seeing your progress.

    1. Thanks Shayne, yes the wheels can be a pain and are usually my least favorite part of the aircraft. The ejector pin marks are always so obvious and difficult to clean up.

  2. Jon

    Excellent job so far. I just got back into modelling after a 15 year lay off. So many changes on whats available both OOB and after market. Its been a real learning curve. One of the kits that I saved all these years was the Hasegawa 1/32 KI 43, So its with great interest that I follow your work. I was wondering if you might still have the extra cowl flaps section that came with your kit. I seem to have lost both of mine that came with my kit. I don't care if its opened or closed version I just want to get started on mine and get back in grove so to speak. I will pay whatever postage and price you need. I just dont want to have to spend 40 bucks for another kit.Let me know if you can help a guy out. airjack@thecontrols.com

    1. Let me see if I've got it laying around some where. Don't normally throw parts out so there is a good chance