Wednesday, October 30, 2013

An Unexpected Boost to the Stash

Modelers love to share recent acquisitions with fellow modelers. With the excitement of receiving a new kit comes a little bit of pride. It reminds me of bringing a new born home for the first time. Family and friends are present and you just can't keep from passing the little tyke around, and flooding everyone's news feed with photos and status updates. Inevitably, people start throwing advice at you about the proper way a child should be reared and warn you of the impending lack of sleep and poop filled diapers.

This is no different from when you bring a new kit home from the hobby shop, or where ever it is you go for your plastic fix. We proudly upload images of the box art, and display photos of the sprues and any aftermarket additions we might have splurged on. Our fellow hobbyists gather around, oooing and awing at our little bundle of joy. Of course, any one with experience on that kit will likely tell you the pit falls, warning you of the impending lack of sleep caused by the, uh, [insert synonym for "poop" here] fit you may encounter. Never the less, its an exchange that we all some how enjoy. The thrill of getting a new kit is shared among us all. You know what they say, "it takes a village to build a model."

Something like that.

Any way, I digress. Yesterday brought me some good news, and as I explained above, am excited to share it with you. A friend on mine shot me a text in the afternoon telling me that after giving his house a thorough cleaning he came across several model kits that have been neglected for years. Of course, this would come as no surprise to any of us considering the wide majority of our stashes sit neglected for the same amount of time...
Continuing on, he told me that he has no use for them. You may be thinking this is some kind of blasphemy, there is always a use for a model kit. I would agree with you, but I know that his background is in R/C planes, and he doesn't show much interest for the little plastic things we put together that don't actually fly. So, with that, he asked me if I wanted them. D'uh. Easy answer, right?

I told him, of course I would take them. Seeing the F-16C in the mix, how was I going to say no? Please, I wouldn't have said no regardless. Let's be real.
The molds are pretty old so I don't have much expectation for them. I'm aware of the short comings in the Monogram A-10 but really, it makes no difference to me. The Italeri F-16 has its issues too, but...its an F-16. Moreover, I'm actually quite excited about the A-4M from ESCI as I love the Scooter, especially in a nice Israeli scheme.

So, this is the unexpected boost to the stash. Its a basic set of kits, nothing flashy, but they were free. Of course, there is a lot of work to do before I even address one of these kits as a project. Never the less, I'm thankful that he thought of me in this regard and will ensure that they are comfortable in their new home.
Any one built these kits before? Hit me up in the comments!
Thanks for reading!

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