Wrecked Imperial Walker - Finished!

Well, the demolished AT-AT scene is finally finished and not a moment too soon considering Jersey Fest is this Saturday and I intend to show this piece there. I actually enjoyed the build even though it really put me through the paces.
The Walker had pretty much gone through life, up until now, as a shelf queen waiting for an opportunity like this to really earn its place. I'm pleased with my decision to change from snow to a more jungle/woodland like environment. The landscape is eye catching and gave me the opportunity to hone my ground work skills.
I think I could have done better with the paint work and weathering on the Walker, I'm pretty sure the strict deadline hindered my normally meticulous approach. So, in the end I feel like it is a very unique vignette, but is it a winner? I'll be able to tell you that Saturday evening...
In the mean time, check out the completed pics!

You can see I took some advice and altered the color of the mossy vegetation stuck on the hull...


  1. Awesome work, Jon! Plenty to look at and very inspirational.

  2. Jon this looks great, loved seeing your thinking on the progress of this, like the weathering.

    How did you go at the show you mentioned with it?


    1. Thanks Jim, unfortunately I was not able to attend the show this year so it didn't place ; )


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