Monday, September 30, 2013

Testor's 1/48 A-6A Intruder - Part II

Construction Complete:
After a long weekend drilling with the military, I was able to get some bench time last night to finish up some of the final build details before painting. There wasn't much left, as my dad took care of most of it, but this kit needed some sprucing up, as it lacks a lot of detail in certain areas.
I started with the Multiple Ejector Racks. These racks can carry up to six bombs, each munition weighing up to 500 pounds. The kit parts were bare, just a simple length of plastic with locator pins for each bomb. You can see a real MER has a bit more going for it...

I just wanted to bulk it up a bit to make it more presentable. So, I used some plastic card to represent the side bomb racks and some wire to represent the firing leads you see in the picture above...

Its not breath taking but it will do. Once completed, I had some MERs that looked a lot better than when they started.
I intend on loading three 2000 pound bombs on the jet, one at the center line station, and one at each inboard station. The pylon only had two locator holes to allow the locator pins on the bombs to fit. I couldn't let that go as it simply doesn't look right. Weapons pylons have sway braces to keep the bomb from, well, swaying during flight. So I grabbed a bunch of them from the old Monogram A-10 kit that I will never finish and boom, instant improvement!

A little sanding is all that is needed to ensure the bomb fits properly and the sway pads are snug.
Beyond that, I altered the Mk 84's slightly, trimming off the nose cone in favor of a nose fuze. To me it looks better, and its a look I'm more familiar with. The point looks too toy like. Hopefully, it will look even better when painted.

That sums it up. From here I'll begin painting so it'll get exciting, at least for me!
Thanks for reading!

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