Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sprue Cutters Union #9: Paint

I fell a little behind again this week, thus the Union topic is being posted today rather than yesterday. Though a day has been lost, don't fret, this week's topic is fairly straight forward and doesn't require much thinking. The past Union discussion points have been pretty deep and philosophical on occasion, but this week we'll get into some slightly more technical aspects of the hobby. All modelers have their preferences, so this week I want to know...

- What paint(s) do you use? -

A lot of what goes into this hobby is paint. A model isn't properly finished until it has a nice coat or two. With so many options on the market, let us know which you prefer and for what purpose? I use different paints for different things, perhaps you do as well. 

Remember, all it takes is a passion for this hobby and a blog to go along with it! All you have to do is write a post in response to this topic by Sunday and you can be a member of the Sprue Cutters Union. Take a look at the Sprue Cutters Union page for more detail. Once you've written your post, either email me the link or drop the link in the comment section below.
The goal is to send new readers to our sites, so don't forget to include the links to other modelers' responses when you get an opportunity.
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