Monday, September 9, 2013

Sprue Cutters Union #8: Your World in Scale

This hobby requires that we live in and understand two different worlds: one in miniature, and one in actual size. The realities of both environments are different, one being governed by chance, or fate, or whatever you believe, while the other is in your complete control (or we'd like to think so anyway). Despite the differences in scale, we strive impossibly hard to make sure the detail in the worlds we create from our workbenches align as closely as possible to the realities we know in our 1:1 universe. In a hobby so detail oriented as ours, I want to know...

- How has living in the small scale world influenced your day-to-day view or understanding of the 1:1 world? -

If you can't go a day without looking around you and thinking something along the lines of hmmm, I wonder how I would model that in a diorama? than you will have an easy time answering this question. I'm interested to see just how obsessed we all may be! Good luck, and happy writing!

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    Your World In Scale: Sprue Cutters Union #8


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