Sprue Cutters Union #10: Spending Habits

This hobby is as cheap or as expensive as you want to make it. If you're a new comer to the hobby, or a starving artist pinching pennies, you can get away with spending around ten dollars on a kit. Look in the right hobby shops, flea markets, or online stores and you can find some half decent kits for a lower cost.
Never the less, on a tight budget you can run out of options fairly quick. On the other hand, if money is no object and the size of your bank account matches the ferocity of your obsession then its not unusual for a project to reach over a hundred dollars (in some cases, that's just the kit price!)

- What are your spending habits? -

This isn't intended to be a personal question regarding how much money you make. I simply want to know the complexities of your kit buying process. Does this hobby indeed have its limits? Or are you bound by nothing when it comes to purchasing that next kit? When you see that next great kit, do you make it rain or do you say I'll wait for it to hit the weekend sale at Squadron? Does your spouse factor into this process?

So many possibilities...Have fun!

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  1. Great concept! I look forward to reading the blogs.

  2. Ha! This one looks fun! :)

  3. Glad you both think so! Looking forward to your responses!

  4. Daughter in bed, home alone, so I have time for my quickest Union post so far :-)

  5. Oh my goodness, this topic could be dangerous...

    1. Don't be scared! Just don't let it fall into the wrong hands...

  6. I shall write something soon, I hope my wife doesn't see the post.....
    Cool topic.

  7. Mine for the week...

  8. ok I'll play too:

  9. Here's mine.

    Spending Habits: Sprue Cutters Union #10 http://eternalwargamer.blogspot.com/2013/09/spending-habits-sprue-cutters-union-10_27.html

  10. http://ascalecanadian.blogspot.com/2013/09/sprue-cutters-union-dont-want-no-cash.html

  11. The frog with no wallet (i have no pockets anyways) has done it again:


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