Revell PT 117 - Finished!

I posted the "finished" blog post for this project several weeks ago but didn't include glamour shots as I normally do because I had fully intended to create an ocean base to display the PT Boat. I had a change of plans as I simply don't have the resources (in time, money, and material) to create a water feature as large as this would require. So, I ended up fashioning a wooden base to stand the boat on instead. Its a some what stylish compromise that allows me to return this model to my father without taking up much more time.
Without further ado...


And there you have it. Time to move on to the next project!
Thanks for reading!


  1. Nice work Jon, it certainly came up well and i am sure your father will love it. Nice idea with the base as well, i almsot thought the side shot was that it was wall mountable...
    Whats next?

    1. Thanks, appreciate the comment! The idea of having a wall mountable base is genius! I might try something like that one of these days...

  2. That's looking awesome, Jon. I think that the stand is perfect!

  3. That looks great Jon, lovely finish on the boat. I like the understated simplicity of the base, doesn't fight for attention with the model itself.

    1. Thank you! Good point about the base, hadn't thought of it that way


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