Sprue Cutters Union #6: Won't Touch It!

When I was young, there were lots of thing I did not like to eat. I was a picky eater, and I am sure a lot of you were as well. Greens like spinach and zucchini were avoided at all costs, and I also had an aversion to cheese and bread crusts. I've gotten over most of the food-phobias I had as a youth, like tomatoes and blue cheese, and have expanded my dietary horizons to include such items. However, there are some things I still haven't integrated into my daily consumption (spinach and zucchini, namely). Old distastes die hard, as they say...or something like that.

What does this have to do with modeling? Well, this week's Sprue Cutters Union assignment asked us what models would likely never reach our workbench. Much like I can guarantee you that neither zucchini or spinach will ever reach my dinner plate, I can tell you there are certain subjects that will never enter my house in kit form for my own personal benefit (I'll clarify this statement in a bit)...

The phrase never say never was first recorded in a book by Charles Dickens, you know, the same author who has wrought untold misery upon many school children after being forced to read such literary masterpieces as "Great Expectations" [shudders], which is a book that will never find its way into my personal library. In high school I took nothing away from Mr. Dickens' writings, and I'm certainly not going to start now. So, when I say never, that is unequivocally what I mean.
Now we are clear. Lets move on.

The Good

If you're going to call me on a technicality, it will be with civilian automobiles. As a matter of fact, I've recently done one and had a blast doing it. But, there is a reason I call my blog "The Combat Workshop" and that is because I focus mainly on combat related vehicles, equipment and scenes. Red Ferraris, and bright orange Chevy convertibles don't fit well into that criteria. But you did a Chevy pickup truck you say. Yes, that is true, which is why its under the "Good" category. But, I'll explain further.
As cool as fancy sports cars can be, I don't want to build one in scale. I could blame this on any number of things, like my unwillingness to pull off a mirror gloss candy apple red finish, but in all seriousness, I can narrow it down to one factor - character. To me, a show floor automobile model lacks character. Don't get me wrong, I've seen some impressive looking finishes, and incredible engine detail, but the pristine look doesn't appeal to me. I need a story; one that is told in rust and chipped paint, not one that sits in a garage until the local car show rolls into town. That is why you will never see an automobile on my workbench unless its falling apart.
Now, I said I would explain what I meant by "my own benefit". I have a son who likes cars. I hope to one day pass on my passion for this hobby, and if it means building a beautiful glossy '69 Corvette, so be it. But I can maintain with certainty that no such vehicle will be sitting in my stash ear marked for me.
No way.
No how.

The Bad

This shouldn't come much as a surprise considering what I already stated about civilian automobiles. I find nothing attractive about civilian airline subjects at all. I have no personal attachment to them, and I have no artistic vision for them either. The only thing that would remotely interest me would be to model one crashed...but that seems like poor taste, even for me. So, really, its best if I just leave them alone.
No way.
No how.

The Ugly

Yes, I love building military subjects, but I do draw the line some where. Like your first date, I feel there needs to be some level of attraction between you and your subject before you take it to the next step. I'm sorry, but I'm not going to spend time and money building an airplane that would only appear good looking to me after huffing too much enamel paint. Call me shallow. It is what it is.
The Fiat G.50 is an ugly aircraft, no two ways about it. Are there uglier? Yes there are. But when the topic arises, Italian World War II propeller driven aircraft usually come to mind first. In all fairness, the Macchi 202 is like the Fiat's hot friend, but in this case, I ain't taking one for the team.
Don't think I'm picking on the Fiat alone here. There should be a contest of ugliest planes, and there would be plenty of entries - Fairey Swordfish, PZL. PII, Ju-88, Polikarpov I-16 - I could go on for some time. Most pre-war aircraft would fit the bill.
In short, if I look at a kit and recoil in disgust, its not likely going to have the pleasure of a date with me at my workbench.
No way.
No how.
Albeit, the homely Fiat would have a better chance with me than a car or airliner.

To sum it up, I'd like to think that I have a pretty diverse set of interests. Some may say I'll try anything once but that isn't true of me. This hobby can be expensive, so spending my money wisely is always the priority. When it comes down to it, I'm just not going to drop coin on a kit that I don't find interesting, or compelling to build.
You can't make me!

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  1. Ha! Love that you recoil in horror from the G.50 just as I'm literally waiting with bated breath for the new Special Hobby G.50 to arrive so I can dive into it!

    Like my love of British cars, my love of so-ugly-they're-pretty aircraft makes no real sense, and I make no apologies for it. The way I see it, the ugly ones (A-10 Warthog, Fiat G.50, Bristol Beaufighter, Ju 52, Ju 87, PBY Catalina...) are also generally extremely functional aircraft. Okay, not the G.50, which was basically outclassed by everything it went up against. But they also all just drip with character. And to me, that makes them fascinating as subjects.

    1. And thus they say "beauty is in the eye of the beer holder..." or is it, beholder?

      Don't get me wrong, there are a number of subjects I like that others would certainly consider ugly...The Mi-24, for instance. I don't even consider the A-10 ugly as much as it is just, well, different. And, I have a Ju-87 in the stash. So, its hard for me to put a finger on what exactly I consider "ugly". But when I see, I know it.
      Maybe the Stuka is more attractive because it isn't a fighter, and its ugliness is displaced by its rugged appearance, necessary for the role it undertook? Same as the A-10. But a fighter needs a certain amount of attraction - sleekness, and beauty - or every thing NOT embodied by the Fiat G.50...

    2. I hear ya, and I'm not about to try to change minds. What interests me/doesn't interest me is all over the map. I mean, I have no interest in tackling a B-17, but if HK ever pops out a 1/32 B-24 I'll probably kill somebody to get my hands on it. I'm all about tackling an F-15E one day, but zero desire to contemplate an F-4 or F-14.

      Interestingly, my WWII interests are far broader. Even the hideous and goofy (I-16...) have an attraction to me. I think maybe it has to do with the fact that basically everything that served in World War II "did stuff". It has a story and a window into some tiny piece of the much larger picture.

    3. Likewise, I hear you on WWII. It is the era of aviation, and armor, that holds the most interest for me, despite having the largest pool of hideousness available. I find your willingness to build an F-15E but not the perhaps more notable F-4 and more glamorous F-14 quite intriguing. I wouldn't hold back on any of those subjects, as long as they are in a manageable scale like 1/72.
      But as far as bombers go, I'll generally avoid them as they are too large for the space I have but also too time consuming.
      However, building a B-24 is definitely in my range of interests as well. The house I live in was owned by a navigator who flew in Liberators during the war, so building one as a tribute would be cool.

  2. Mine: http://doogsmodels.com/2013/08/28/sprue-cutters-union-5-not-gonna-happen/

  3. Good post Jon. Makes me wan to go back through my military hardware reference books...World War II - The Directory of Weapons is one I'm sure you'd love.

  4. Jumping in with my first post!

  5. It has been a mental week at work this week. The weekend looks like it is shaping up to be busy too. I am not sure I will have a chance to do a blog post for Spruecutters #6 :-(

    1. Its all good! It comes once a week man, not like another one won't be coming up soon ; )

  6. Just joined the Union:-


    1. That was surprising, thanks for that! Welcome to the Union!


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