Thursday, August 15, 2013

Revell 1/72 PT Boat - Part V

Not much of an update, as I spent the entire session last night putting down some washes, filters, and dry brushing. Doesn't really make for a decent post.
Now then, if you want some interesting entertainment, check out this documentary on the PT Boat...very informative!

But, if you're curious to see what I did accomplish, I have several photographs for you to look at.

After several washes and dry brushing, the raised detail pops out nicely. I'm really liking how this boat looks at the moment...

Some filters, which I'm not particularly skilled at, hopefully add some streaking to the wooden hull. Its a technique I have to work on...

And that concludes today's update. Looks like she is ready for a gloss coat and then decals. Then I'll have to brainstorm an appropriate display base. Stay tuned!
Thanks for reading!

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