Revell 1/72 PT Boat - Part IV

Though my one year old daughter seems determined to interrupt every evening modeling session I have these days due to some teething discomfort, I am actually getting some work done. Slowly, yes, but it is getting there.
Last night I used what time I had to paint the small details found throughout the boat. I like the addition of color as it catches the eye and breaks up all the green. I started with the Carley float. Such floats were used extensively by the Navy during World War II. Constructed out of balsa wood and other buoyant material, they would have been packed with supplies, water and rations to accommodate any survivors should the boat go down.
Most importantly, the float should not be painted yellow, reminiscent of a typical rubber raft. As these were not rubber, nor inflatable, they were painted the same color, more or less, as the boat. Here is a good source for any one wanting more detail about Carley floats. So, I finely painted mine as best I could...

There isn't a ton of detail in it, only a small cylinder representing the water cask and two paddles. I painted the float a bit darker green to stand out better against the deck.
The lifesaver ring got the same treatment. A coat of dark green using Vallejo acrylics brought it out a bit more...

Here is simply a shot showing the .50 cal and the helm, both with a fresh coat of paint...

This is one of the more disappointing aspects of the kit, along with the poorly detailed machine guns. What you see here is the windscreen, however, for some reason Revell opted to not use clear parts to represent it. This forced me to either cut out the plastic and create my own clear windscreen, or just paint it. Obviously, with construction complete it is easiest to just paint it. Flat black did the trick, and should be helped by a layer of Future before its finished...

And of course, the screws got a nice coat of brass...

That'll do it. With the details painted that mean tonight I should be able to focus on weathering, to include dry brushing and washes. If I get to it, she'll get some more streaks and maybe a bit of rust.
That is it for now!
Thanks for reading!


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