Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Revell 1/72 PT Boat - Finished!

The word finished may be some what deceiving, so hopefully I don't confuse anyone. Last night, I finished decaling the PT Boat which was the last remaining step before I could call the build complete. But it would be out of character for me to finish the boat and not create a suitable base to display it. So, the boat itself is complete but the project as a whole has a ways to go yet. Thus ends the Revell 1/72 PT Boat series, and begins the PT Boat Base saga which will come sometime in the future. Keep an eye out for it...

Any how, on to the decals. I had to cut each letter and numeral out individual, less suffer terrible silvering and ridicule. Its tedious but I've come to learn that despite my aversion to this process, its absolutely necessary. The decals were in good condition, considering their age and adhered nicely...

Not really much to show that is worth any of your time. The kit only contains six decals, five of which are just the boat number...

...and the last is the American flag waving off the stern. I wasn't sure if I should include it or not, but it came together so nicely, how could I not?

And that is it for now! I'll be brainstorming my options for a base so I can get to work on that soon. This isn't the last you've seen of the PT Boat! Stay tuned for more!
Thanks for reading!

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