Thursday, August 29, 2013

JAG Collective 1/700 USCGC Dallas: Redux - Finished

This didn't turn out to be quite the WIP it could have been which I blame mostly on my oversight and perhaps some lazy in taking step-by-step photographs of the progression. So, what you're left with is basically taking my word for it. Which is fine, really, because I have integrity and its easily explained. After all, a few words are worth a thousand pictures, am I right?

When we last left off, I had started the ocean base, which was accomplished easily with some artist oils. I then had to build up some wakes and waves around the boat. This is where my stock in Milliputty is very useful. A little hand crafted waves here and there helped recreate the motion of the ocean...

The waves were then painted to match the rest of the ocean surface and I heaped a bunch of acrylic gel medium on top of that to create texture and give it a nice glossy shine...

The gel medium dries completely clear though the effect of the white looks kind of nice. Once that was dry, I brushed some white on the raised surfaces to make it appear foamy and added a layer of Future floor polish to finish it off. Here she is complete!

I'm pretty happy with it. It was a good experiment in honing my water skills before returning to the PT Boat. I can say it looks a lot better than it did when I first undertook this project to redo the water, and I think the father-in-law should be pleased with it as well.

This project has brought a glaring issue to my attention though, and that is that I need to invest in a better set up for pictures. These were simply the best ones I could take with the resources I have on hand. The others were too dark or blurry. I'll have to figure something out.
Until next time!
Thanks for reading!

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  1. Hey Jon. A great finish I thnk! You have a knack for the water effects, they look very realistic!

    For pics, I think you just need a light space and a large sheet of your chosen background colour to curveu up behind the shooting spot to give a graduated background colour.