AMT Imperial Walker Wreck WIP - Part IV

Last night I made up my mind as to what to do about opening up some panels on the AT-AT. I compromised a bit. My fear had been that if I open too many panels, the interior will be visible, or rather the lack of a suitable interior would be visible. So, instead of opening all of them, I only modified two small ones. Specifically, the forward and aft escape hatches on the port side - which is the side that will be least visible.

This was a messy and tricky process. The side wall armor is not only too strong for blasters, but was also sufficient enough to repel a fresh #11 blade. Thus, it was back to the Dremel to fling more plastic! The drill bit made quick work of the escape hatch, but with a sleeping baby in the room next door, the noise was bound to wake her. So, I opted to chip (silently) away at the remaining plastic with my blade until it was completely open...

Then I took a thick piece of aluminum and marked out (eyeballed really) the dimensions of the hatches, then cut them out. They were attached, partially open, with super glue...

Whether or not they are completely accurate is debatable, and perhaps I don't care that much. But they provided a good way to add some character to a model that is suppose to look wrecked and abandoned. Leaving all the hatches buttoned up just wouldn't have made sense in the big picture.
Speaking of big picture, I've altered the composition a bit. I've moved the head closer to the body, though I'm not sure why, it just looks better. I added some bits that will be buried in the snow and I changed the position of the laser gun turret...

The reason for this was because I had so much debris already littering the landscape that the turret kind of got lost in the mess. Having the turret offset on the tower gives it the impression of destruction without having to lose much of its identity...

Now its time to break out the salt and liquid mask! I'll be flinging paint around instead of plastic this weekend. Wish me luck!
Thanks for reading!


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