Thursday, August 29, 2013

AMT Imperial Walker Wreck WIP - Part III

The Imperial Walker is progressing slowly, held up by my indecision to open up a few hatches but also in my attempt to finish up the USCG Dallas for my father-in-law. With the Coast Guard Cutter completed, I can get back to the Walker full time. Never the less, I still haven't decided my best course of action as far as opening hatches is concerned. But this did not deter me from adding some detail to the interior of the, now broken, flexible neck...

What you see are remnants of a walkway and some broken wires and cables. I covered the openings using plastic card and masking tape to create a Star Wars-esque blast door - one of which is fully closed in the head, while the other is half open in the body.
Its not perfect or amazing by any sense of the imagination but I just need to put something there because that is what people will expect. You can't just have a hole where detail should exist.
If I can make up my mind on how to approach the rest of the hatches, that will dictate my night tonight. Either I will begin painting, or I will modify the body some more. You'll find out soon enough!
Thanks for reading!

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