Tuesday, August 27, 2013

AMT Imperial Walker Wreck WIP - Part II

The stops.
I've pulled them out.
Last night's workbench session consisted of me basically flinging plastic all over the place. The Dremel and little hand saw were quite active, chopping and cutting this old model, piece by piece, to fit my vision. I had mentioned on Facebook that I was a bit wary of going overboard and potentially ruining this vignette but after some much needed encouragement, I decided to ruck up and let fly.

I removed the neck and head in an attempt to make it look like either an explosion had separated it from the body, or perhaps corrosion had managed to rent it apart. A laser blaster was removed from the head and the vision block was hollowed out. Some of the legs were also bisected to give them the appearance of peaking through whatever surface they will eventually be buried in - most likely snow...

You can also see a Rebel laser turret, which is the twin of the turret used in Some Like it Hoth. The turret's tower was hollowed out and the turret removed and placed along side it on the ground to appear as though it was blown off. The turret hatch is just a spare circular piece I found in the spares box...

Though I had approached the evening's session with much trepidation, I'm very pleased with how its turning out. The only thing I'm struggling with now is whether or not to open some of the hatches and panels on the AT-AT to give it a more damaged feel. The problem being, there is no interior and scratch building one at this point, with the model closed up, would be near impossible. Just one more thing to work out I guess.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Very cool! I love AT-ATs and for some reason, destroyed machinery is appealing, too. Should make for a great looking display piece!

    1. Thanks AJay! Totally agree, the AT-AT is one of the neatest vehicles of the Star Wars universe. Probably because I'm such an armor fan in real life. Thanks for the comment!